Charles Harper Webb looks at the world from a unique perspective,

                        reminding us of Emily Dickinson’s “Tell the truth but tell it slant.

                        With refreshing original metaphors and vivid language, Webb tilts our 

                        vision as well.  And his poems are often just so funny! . . . Sidebend 

                        Worldis Webb’s twelfth collection of poetry.  Any of them will take you

                        inside, outside, sideways, down with, as one critic puts it: compassionate

                        intelligence and an abiding wonder at the beautiful strangeness of the world.”


                                    —Charles Rammelkamp in North of Oxford, 11/1/18 


                        Webb is funny and self-effacingly honest, delivering poems that are intimate

                        and warm.  [“Turtle Hunt is] a lovely, thoughtful poem with universal appeal

                        and a satisfying conclusion.  This is the kind of work that stays with a reader.

                                    —Annah Omune Sidigu in Zyzzyva, 11/22/18